Hannah Landan



Photography was always that one thing I wanted to do since I was introduced to digital media. I got my first camera when I was fourteen and I have always been fascinated about it. Since then, I have always carried a camera with me and I document every detail by taking photos of people, places and moments. Traveling and living in different countries was an eyeopener for me and I started seeing the world in a different perspective. I knew right then that I wanted to become a photographer.

I have always been drawn to capture the emotions of people and paint that heartfelt, authentic, joyful image through a photograph.

I began photographing weddings shortly thereafter simply because I was struck by the honest and open display of emotions. When you look at the stories of my photos, you can see that I tried my best to freeze those moments so I could return to it, hopefully share it with the young child some day and keep it alive and within us over the years to come. 


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